Ultrasonic peeling



- Face treatment: 1600,- Kč

- Face and decollete: 2.000,- Kč

- Back treatment: 2.200,- Kč


*Video treatment zde*

Ultrasonic cleansing, system of complete skine hygine and regeneration acts via microvibrations. Dead cells, acne, inequality removal. The skin refinement, rejuvenation, deep pores cleansing, pigment spots improvment. The skin structure restoration after treatment resulting in fine, smoothed, lifted and radiant skin acneless.


The treatment procedure: surface cleansing, deep pores cleansing vie ultrasonic, special peeling, ozone, regeneration laser Maestro or Photon acne therapy, mask, serum, cream

Contraindication: pacemaker, heart diseases, pregnancy,breast feeding, epilepsy.

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12/08/2012 15:39
Acne vulgaris: acne, common skin illnessje časté maily during adolescence. Acne will appear if sebaceous glands are closed and rapture starts. In case of deep raptures the scars will appears. The most frequent are are face, back and chect. Acne aftermath: The ost common are scars, even deeper can...


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