Striae are small scars, red, violet color incurred by excessive tension of skin.

Caused by  lack of skin flexibility ( pregnancy, fast grow up, gaining weight, hormonal disorder, medication)

Scars caused by acne, accident, surgery.

We will recomend the most effective method or combinations to remove your scars and striae.


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SCARS and STRETCH MARKS REMOVAL LASER is the most advance technology used to scars and stretch removal. The laser beam acts skin, deep thermo effect and  evaporation of skin surface results in several weeks skin lifting and new colagen creation. Before and after treatment recomendations: The...
SCARS and STRETCH MARKS REMOVAL BY MICRODERMABRASION + IPL (or LED DIODE LIGHT) 1. phase: microdermabrasion is cosmetic abrasive treatment  resulting in skin smoothing and dead cells removal. 2. phase: IPL (or LED DIODE Light) acts to deep skin, thermoeffect, rejuvenation, new colagen...
MICRODERMOABRASION - SKIN ABRASION. In combination with biostimulationor laser or LED Phototerapy in this technology great in scars and striae removal.   Treatment is supported by home treatment by cream.   Price: From  750,-Kč by area
SCARS and STRIAE REMOVAL by DERMAROLLER MEZOTHERAPIE   Microneedling and Mezopen is alternative treatment to laser and chemical peeling. The treatment is non invasive. The special aplicator with many of mini needles adding serum to deep skin. The treatment is LED diode laser included. Mezo...
SCARS AND STRETCG MARKS REMOVAL CHEMICAL PEELING A MESOPEELING   Chemical peeling a Mesopeeling beneficialy acts  to damaged skin. Great results in case of acne, spots and stretchs. Technology chemical peeling or the combination of chemical peeling and non-invasive mesotherapy. The...


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