Your concern is ACNE?avit akné? Phototerapy IPL will help you.


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Acne removal performed by top technology IPL. During of treatment will be remove all bacteria and strong support of acne healing. The skin will be smooth and fine. IPL will affect sebaceous glands reducing enlargement and ardor. Great results in acne removal with combination of chemical peeling or micro-dermoabrasion.


      Acne treatment recomended 1x for 14 - 21 days for 4 - 8 weeks.



      - IPL Treatment:  1.550 ,-Kč (with chemical peeling 10%Salicyl Acid) +LED Laser

      - IPL Treatment + dermoabrasion: 2.050,- Kč +ultrasonic peeling + 10% Salicyl Acid + LED


      Treatment include: surface cleancing, enzymatic peeling or chemical peeling, serum + IPL treatment acne (cca 40 face pulses laser gel + LED anti acne treatment, mask, anti acne serum and cream.


Before and after treatment recomendations:

No irritated skin - sun or solarium 

Local anesthetic Emla cream used

After treatment sun protection - can cause hyperpigmentation! SPF 50.
Sensitive skin affected by time limited redness. Hydratation cream, regeneration serum recomended. The skin will be fully recovered in 7-14 days.
No sun expose, solarium, steam bath, hot bath -cause pigments spots, longer healling proces and skin irritation.

CONTRAINDICATION: pregnancy, breast feeding, epilepsy, skin cancer, sunburn, antibiotics, inflammation


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