APOLLO laser permanent hair removal - depilation

Indicative prices:
upper lip: 900,- Kč
under lip: 900,- Kč
chin: 900,- Kč to 1.100,- Kč
chin - neck: 1.100 -2.000,- Kč
chin - cheeks: 2.100,- Kč
between brows: 800,- Kč
brows corection: 1.100,- Kč
nipples: 900- Kč až 1.700,- Kč
under arms: 1.500 -1.700,- Kč
bikiny line: 1.500 - 1.700,- Kč
bikiny line + intim parts: 2.600 - 3.600,- Kč
bikiny line + intim parts + things: 4.500,- Kč
under belly: 1.200,- Kč až 2.100,- Kč
buttocks: 2.300,- Kč
Hands: from 1.200,-Kč
chest: 3.100,- Kč
Back: 3.200- Kč to 6.200,- Kč
arms: 2.000 - 4.200,- Kč
ferearm: 1.700,- Kč to 3.000,- Kč
calves: 2.700 to 5.200,- Kč
things: 3.100 to 6.200,- Kč
legs: 5.000 -10.000,- Kč

treatment video zde


The selective hair removal photothermolysa is non pain and highly efficient method. Any body area, any ages, unisex. The laser works with dynamic cooling - client feel just light bites.

The hairs must be in growting phase -  anagen. The laser ray is leaded via hair pigment to hair folicule and blood suply is dameged. 

 4-8 treatment recomended in 1 -4 monts interval. The next treatments for the rest of hairs in other methodes combination - in case of bright, fine hairs. The treatment interval depends on selected area. Face treatment 3 -6 weeks, under arms, groin 6 weeks to 3 months, legs 2 -4 months.

Before the treatment

Dont TEAR OUT hairs 5 - 6 weeks before the treatment. Please shave or cut.  The hair fulicule must be fully regenerated for treatment efficiency.

24 hours before the treatment shave selected area well.


After the treatment

Slight redness can appear based on skin sensitivity.

Avoid sunbathing right after treatment.

Shave the treated area.


After treatment recomendations:

In day ONE dont apply to area cream,soap, deo, MUP

Shave or cut - never tear out, waxing

Dont use medicaments promoting hair growth.

No sunbathing - avoid super pigmentation

Use SPF 50 on face area 

Day of treatment no sporting, sauna....



Skin cancer


Photosensitive medicaments  - antibiotic...

Sunbathing, solarium - 3-4 weeks after treatment

Infections  herpes simplex in area

Hormonal inbalance

Medication blood precipitation


The first consultation free of charge
testing treatment: 400,- Kč
the next pulses: from 1 to 50 pulses: 45,- Kč / puls
from 51 to 100 pulses: 35,- Kč / puls
above 100 pulses: 30,- Kč / puls



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