ULTRASONIC Depilation - epilation -  Selectif pro


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- World wide unique permanent hair removal. The ultrasonic wave are led to folicule warming up base to supercritical temperature. The base is destroyed no other area damaged.

- Effective for any hairs colour and any skin type

- Applicable and effective to light, grey and white hairs - no laser or IPL can repeat this results.

- Efficient independeltly or in the combination with other methodes to remove fine light hairs.

- No damage of surrounding skin areas.

- No season limitations.

- Clinicaly tested technology IMPRESA.

- No pain even applied to sensitive clients

- No side effects.

- Holding prestige price for epilation: ocenění Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovation Award 


 Before treatment: cut hairs - 4mm long.



Ultrasonic is applicable in time intervals of 2 - 5 weeks depended on selected area. 

The Interval is based on grothw cycle of hairs - they have to be in grothw phase – anagen. 

The number of recomended aplications - 6 -10 depending on selected area.


- 10 min treatment: 500,- Kč
- 20 min: 900,- Kč
- 30 min: 1.200,- Kč
- 45 min: 1.500,-Kč
- 60 min: 1.600,- Kč


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