Chemical peeling results in deep skin renewal and cleancing. Great results: acne, rough skin, wrinkles, acne scars, pigment spots. Chemical peeling starting in point where cosmetic ends and medicine starts. Just one treatment for skin rejuvenation, refreshment, cleancing and softening or  concern solving of acne, wrinkles, anti-aging, acne scars, spots. You will recognize significant results after one treatment. 

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The treatment takes 45 minuts including mask, Diode Laser, peeling containts od various chemical aids, fruit acid, glycolic, lactic, mandelic, salicyc.

The next treatment can follow after 20 days. The new skin will be smoother and superior with growth of new cells. For maintaining lasting effects 3 -6 treatments recomendation.

Important part of treatment is Diode Laser supports chemical results, improve cells  regeneration, elasticity and wrinkles reduction.


After treatment care: solar radiation avoiding, sun creams SPF 30-50

Contraindication: pregnancy, surgery,fever,acute herpes,burns,inflammation,cuts,skin cancer.



- Face treatment: 1.800- Kč - MakeUp removal,chemical peeling, mask, serum, cream

- Face treatment: 1.900,- Kč- - MakeUp removal, chemical peeling, Ozonization, LED laser mask, serum, cream

- Face treatment: 2.000,- Kč - ultrasonic peeling, Ozonization, chemical peeling, LED laser mask, serum, cream


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Acne vulgaris: acne, common skin illnessje časté maily during adolescence. Acne will appear if sebaceous glands are closed and rapture starts. In case of deep raptures the scars will appears. The most frequent are are face, back and chect. Acne aftermath: The ost common are scars, even deeper can...


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